Edible New Hampshire releases its Apple and Pumpkin picking guide


Sept_Oct%2016DeMeritt Hill Farm is proud to sponsor the Apple and Pumpkin picking guide from Edible New Hampshire.

As Edible New Hampshire writes, “New Hampshire is home to farmers determined to work with our rolling hills and harsh winters, fishermen invested in sustainability, chefs crafting menus dedicated to New Hampshire cuisine, and a community invested in supporting our small businesses by turning inward, sustaining families with the fruits of our own backyards”.

The DeMeritt Hill Farm family couldn’t be prouder to support such a worthy cause in helping to write such worthwhile articles and bring awareness to our fine state.

To order your copy of Edible New Hampshire click here.

Yankee Magazine reveals guide to PYO Pumpkin Patches

yankeeThe September/October 2016 issue of Yankee Magazine has included DeMeritt Hill Farm in the Yankee’s Guide to Pick-Your-Own pumpkin patches.  DeMeritt Hill Farm is thrilled to be the only farm representing the great state of New Hampshire.

Yankee Magazine writes “Pick your own from not just one but two patches at this beautiful farm.  You can either walk or ride out there, but if you’re in a rush, stop by the store to select a pumpkin.  A wide variety of painted pumpkins and gourds are available too.  Hop aboard a hayride or hike the trail network for more family fun”.

Thank you Yankee Magazine for including us in your Fall guide!

DeMeritt Hill Farm sponsors Seacoast Harvest Guide

SeacoastHarvestDeMeritt Hill Farm is proud to announce their Lead sponsorship of the 2016-2017 edition of Seacoast Harvest.  Seacoast Harvest is an annual publication of Eat Seacoast Local.  DeMeritt Hill Farm aligns very closely with the goals of Eat Seacoast Local.

Seacoast Eat Local connects people with sources of locally grown foods and advocates eating locally for the health of our environment, community, culture and economy. Through advocacy, organizing and education, we work toward a sustainable local food system that meets the needs of both producers and consumers.

Seacoast Harvest is available at locations throughout New Hampshire and Maine.

Haunted Design Kit Announces its “Excellence in Design” Award Winners

blog-excellence-in-design-award-winners-2015-10-28Lexington, Kentucky (October 27, 2015) – Haunted house design website, HauntDesignKit.com officially announces its picks for the best designed haunted attractions.

“Everybody and every media outlet has their lists for the scariest or ‘best’ haunts in the country, but we wanted to do something different” says website creator Tyler Barnett. “Our focus is the design aspect of the business… So we’re awarding what we consider to be the best designed shows in the industry.”

HauntDesignKit.com took into consideration many different aspects of the haunts they visited -which was over 150 attractions- and the criteria included: Overall design, attraction layout, flow, scenic treatments, and how well the design stuck with the themes of the attractions.

“We visited every haunt that made our list; most times in secret,” Barnett says. “We wanted to catch the haunts off guard and not announce to them we were coming. We paid full ticket price and waited in the lines just like an average customer. We wanted the full experience… This was the perspective we needed to decide on our winners.”

HauntDesignKit.com is proud to announce our winners of our 2015 Excellence in Design Award:
Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano, TX
Haunted Overload – Lee, NH
House of Torment – Chicago, IL
Screamland – Margate, Kent/United Kingdom
The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA

These attractions are what we consider to be the very best at what they do. From a design aspect, each attraction offers the very best in creative design, scenic design, scenic treatments and all stick to their respective themes very well. A lot of these haunts actually employ scenic designers and artists to help create their haunted worlds. Congratulations to all the haunts that made the list.

Please visit hauntdesignkit.com for the full press release.

DeMeritt Hill Farm sponsors 2nd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference

blog-students-for-zero-waste-2015-10-15DeMeritt Hill Farm is proud to sponsor the 2nd annual Students for Zero Waste Conference, hosted by (PLAN) The Post-Landfill Action Network.
The conference is run by students and had 300 attendees from 60 different campuses that joined in. We are honored to be included as a sponsor to this great event!

Haunted Overload Voted #1 in the Country

blog-haunted-overload-voted#1-2015-10-03Hauntworld.com recently named their Top 15 scariest haunted houses in the country for 2015. Haunted Overload is proud to accept it’s first #1 ranking!

Haunted Overload is an original out door haunt in a class of its own. It blends astounding handmade sets, gigantic monsters and spellbinding costumes with spectacular sound and lighting to create the Ultimate Halloween Experience. The vibrant, organic design, set in an eerie dark New England forest, creates an assault of the senses for its patrons. Every year brings new terrors to life, as the crew work tirelessly to add to an already amazing attraction. Haunted Overload was also crowned America’s scariest haunt by ABC’s Great Halloween Fright Fight. The $50,000 first prize was donated in full to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society, a local animal rescue to whom the attraction annually donates a percentage of its profits. Haunted Overload is America’s best haunted house because it embodies everything Halloween with its massive oversized props, unique creativity and simply put Haunted Overload just screams HALLOWEEN.

Visit Hauntworld.comfor all the latest information on everything Halloween!

Haunted Overload

Haunted Overload and DeMeritt Hill Farm were featured on NH Chronicle earlier this week. You can see the episode here. This feature talks about our filming for ABC’s The Great Halloween Fright Fight which airs Tuesday, October 28th at 8pm EST.