About Haunted Overload

Haunted Overload is simply one of the most creative and unique haunted attractions in the world. Now located on the DeMeritt Hill Farm on Route 155 in Lee NH, the show has been voted one of the top 13 haunted attractions in the country multiple times.

Focusing on quality, we are committed to giving the customer the ultimate Halloween experience at an affordable price. Nowhere else can you see huge monsters looming over the crowd, some as tall as 42 feet. The authentic farm location provides the perfect backdrop for the hundreds of lighted pumpkins and movie quality sets. Most of the one of a kind props are designed and created by founder Eric Lowther. The attention to detail has led to being ranked the #1 Scariest Haunted Attraction in America in 2015 by Hauntworld.com. Additionally Haunted Overload is and has been consistently ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the world.  Haunted Overload was also voted #18 of the Top 20 Most Influential Haunted Attractions of ALL TIME by HauntWorld.com.

ericcoverThe haunt is changed and expanded each year to give the patron something new and exciting to experience. The night time haunt, while artistically done is extremely scary and parental discretion is advised for younger or sensitive children. We are also open many days during daylight hours with no actors for the whole family to enjoy the stunning detail of the haunt at their own pace.

Each event will be held rain, snow, sleet or any other New England weather condition so please dress appropriately.  We are committed to helping the Cocheco Valley Humane Society. There will be a display and donation box at the end of the haunt for those of you who wish to help the cause. From all of us here at DeMeritt Hill Farm and Haunted Overload, have a safe and frightful Halloween season. We hope to see you this October!

Enjoy the 2015 Haunted Overload trailer by clicking here.

Haunted Overload Wins

On October 28th, 2014, Haunted Overload made its international debut on syndicated television. The ABC TV network featured Haunted Overload on their new reality competition show ‘The Great Halloween Fright Fight’. Haunted Overload competed against 5 other Halloween Haunts from across the nation with the hopes of being crowned ‘The Scariest Haunted Attraction’ in the country.

Haunted Overload wins ‘The Great Halloween Fright Fight’!

Haunted Overload wins ‘The Great Halloween Fright Fight’!

Celebrity judges Sabrina Soto and Michael Moloney toured the haunt in awe of the size and attention to detail. Haunted Overload won the top spot and was awarded the $50,000 grand prize, which was promptly donated to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society.

Haunted Overload wins the ‘Great Halloween Fright Fight’.

Haunted Overload Recognized

In September 2015, Haunted Overload was recognized by Hauntworld.com as the scariest haunt in America. Hauntworld writes “Haunted Overload is an original outdoor haunt in a class of its own. It blends astounding handmade sets, gigantic monsters and spellbinding costumes with spectacular sound and lighting to create the Ultimate Halloween Experience. The vibrant, organic design, set in an eerie dark New England forest, creates an assault of the senses for its patrons. Every year brings new terrors to life, as the crew works tirelessly to add to an already amazing attraction”.

“In 2014, Haunted Overload was also crowned America’s scariest haunt by ABC’s Great Halloween Fright Fight. The $50,000 first prize was donated in full to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society, a local animal rescue to whom the attraction annually donates a percentage of its profits. Haunted Overload is America’s best haunted house because it embodies everything Halloween with its massive oversized props, unique creativity and simply put Haunted Overload just screams HALLOWEEN”.

Haunted Overload Tickets

In order to give patrons the Ultimate Halloween Experience, Haunted Overload is a pre-ticket event. It is highly recommended that tickets to Haunted Overload be purchased in advance either online or at the DeMeritt Hill Farm store. Capacities are limited so time slots may sell out. Only if there is capacity in a time slot, tickets may be sold at the door during the show. Any ticket purchased at the farm store after 6pm the night of a show will be considered “Walk-in”. Walk-in tickets will be an additional $5.00 to the online price. No discounts or coupons can be applied to the price of these tickets.

Tickets for Haunted Overload can be purchased online here:

Haunted Overload Accolades

Haunted Overload in the News

Eric Lowther and Haunted Overload have been making news since the early 2000’s when the haunt took shape in the front yard of Eric’s home in New Hampshire.  Over the past few years, the haunt has grown from being a local attraction that only a limited number of people knew about, into a internationally known haunted attraction admired by all who come to experience it.

In 2014, Haunted Overload was featured as the last stop on the Legendary Haunt Tour.

This international exposure brought the attention of industry experts from around the world to admire the work put into designing, building and running this haunted attraction.

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